David Kindley

Market Strategist at Orbex

David Kindley


Market Strategist at Orbex David Kindley is a renowned fundamental analyst with over 20 years of trading experience in the financial markets. With a keen eye for macroeconomics and a special focus on trading psychology, David is passionate about helping everyday traders make informed decisions through research and analysis.

David started his trading career in London, where he gained valuable insights into the dynamics of the global markets and the factors that drive them. He then moved to Cyprus, where he joined Orbex as a market strategist and became an integral part of the award-winning Orbex Research & Analysis team. David has also worked on various projects across three continents, which has given him both challenges and successes in different market environments.

As a market strategist, David provides daily market analysis, weekly briefs, and quarterly projections to Orbex clients. He also hosts webinars and seminars on various topics related to trading, such as trading behavior, technical analysis, and applying different trading strategies. David’s goal is to educate Orbex traders on how to trade with confidence and skill, using effective risk management techniques along with Orbex’s exclusive trading tools. He believes that trading psychology is the key to success in the markets, and he strives to help Orbex traders develop a winning mindset and overcome the emotional biases that can affect their performance.

Education-iconEducational BackgroundDavid holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Albany College GNVQ and a CYSEC Financial Services Legal Framework Advanced Certificate. He also frequently attends leading industry events and keeps up to date with the latest financial market updates, trading tools, and strategies.

Publications-iconPublicationsDavid maintains a strong media presence and shares his insights and expertise on the global financial markets through various publications. He frequently writes for online finance news outlet FXmag, where he covers topics such as forex, commodities, stocks and technical analysis. David also uses his extensive trading experience and fundamental analysis skills to provide reliable and actionable market commentary in the form of daily market analysis, weekly market briefs, exclusively on the Orbex blog.
In addition to writing articles, David also often appears live on Asharq News, a leading online Arabic-language television channel and news portal with a focus on business and financial news in the Middle East. During his live interviews, David comments on the current market trends and macroeconomic environment, as well as the impact of global events and geopolitical developments on the financial markets.

Philosophy-iconTrading Philosophy David’s trading philosophy is based on spotting the markets with the most opportunities on a daily basis such as major forex pairs and gold. He believes that these markets offer the best potential for profit, as they are more volatile and are influenced by various factors such as macroeconomics, geopolitics, and market sentiment.
David is predominantly a short-term trader, specializing in the trends that can appear within a one-hour time frame. He uses technical analysis tools and indicators, such as moving averages, trend lines, and Fibonacci retracements, to identify the ideal entry and exit points for his trades. He also uses fundamental analysis to confirm his technical signals and to anticipate major market events and announcements.David emphasizes the importance of understanding investment objectives and risk tolerance when planning out a successful trading strategy. His trading philosophy is designed to help traders set realistic goals and gauge their own risk tolerance in order to be able to plan out a trading strategy that can work for their individual needs.

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